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Dorota Ziemba-Miłek, M.Sc. Eng. Mechatronics, graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology Business School. She worked in corporations for 15 years, and in her free time, took part in workshops, studied the latest scientific research and participated in shamanic ceremonies. After several years, she decided to change her profession and share acquired knowledge and understanding by conducting workshops, lectures and individual meetings.
Now a book-guide for independent work.

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Facts from my life or how I became a therapist:

I am a master’s engineer in Mechatronics and Precision Mechanics. I studied at the Warsaw Polytechnic. Already during my studies, as I know English and French, I started working in one of the largest international corporations in the world. After a few years of work, I decided to do post-graduate studies and graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology Business School. MBA studies. As I studied in French, after receiving my diploma, I received the title of Master Haute Etudes Commercial.

I worked for several years in international corporations, traveling a lot around the world.


However, I stood out from the rest of my colleagues at work. For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by the undiscovered possibilities of the human brain, inexplicable phenomena, alternative medicine, and near-death experiences.

I absorbed books on the subject, letters and all available literature.

“By accident” I came across the first edition of the “Unknown World” and since then I have been its regular reader … I also read thematic literature from the “second circulation”. To this day I have several editions of such books reproduced on home printers 🙂

I attended ‘Unknown World’ lectures, esoteric knowledge festivals, fairs …

Over time, I also started taking part in workshops. A breakthrough (which I didn’t know at the time 🙂) was to take part in an open lecture and then in the Recall Healing workshops. Realizing that in biology there is no ‘accidental cell proliferation’, that every disease, ailment or ‘random’ case results from what we have in the subconscious mind that some symptoms of the disease recognized as cancer are already a self-healing symptom … It was liberation! It was something I was looking for!

 I studied diligently, expanding my knowledge with additional fields, first helping my family and friends, then friends and acquaintances of friends. I started to run out of time for .. work 🙂 And finally the day came when I realized that … I am wasting time in business when there are so many people who need help and advice!

 I can not say that it was an easy decision .. To give up a well-paid job on the so-called executive level, with a company car, a round sum every month on your account … for alternative therapies?

Fortunately, I made this decision and … now its fruit is “MIKO – Therapies and Development”!

Now, after several years of therapeutic work, I can say that every day I am happy with the courage and determination I have shown and I am calm that I have fully discovered my calling. It is sharing knowledge, helping people in the process of change and teaching how to break free from imposed dogmas to discover yourself and live happily.

In addition to individual therapies, I conduct workshops, lectures and writing books 😀 .


If anyone would like to know something more, please send me an email.

I wish you health, happiness and self-fulfillment.

Dorota Ziemba-Miłek

“ Imagination is more important than knowledge, for knowledge is limited “. Albert Einstein

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