Book Purpose


Dear Seeker! Let me welcome you on the road to yourself! Yourself?

Yes! Irrespective of what made you read this, whether you try to heal your body or struggle each day with your emotions or fears, or you simply seek new knowledge, in either case, you are embarking on the journey of self- discovery. Congratulations!

This book was created to help you on along the way!

In the first part, “Creation of Reality” I present the mechanisms that create our reality. It is an important part because it is difficult to have an influence on our lives if we do not understand how, moment after moment, we create our future experiences.

In the second part, “Understanding the Change Process”, I describe the ways we can start transforming anything that we would rather not experience in life.

Part three, “Find an Open Door”, helps to select the method with which it would be worth to begin, contains their descriptions and sets out the ways they can be applied.

Part four, “ You Are Your Own Master!”, gives advice on how to positively utilise daily events, conflicts and the everyday problems in order to get to know your own self and for the creative process of change. It also contains examples from my own practice and guidance on what can be done if you feel you will not succeed.

The fifth part, “ Appendix” contains tables which can be used for selfwork and a list of all the methods and techniques presented in this book. 

At the end, there is a bibliography ( books and websites), which can be used to further explore the information on the subjects that particularly captured your interest.

                                                                                                                 Dorota Ziemba-Milek

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