Maya 03’2020


sent by mail on  03/03/2020

I read the book “You Are Your Own Master!” three times in three years. She played a very important function in my life, thanks to her I changed several scenarios of my life. I read it every time being a different person on the path of self-development. Each time I approached reading more consciously. Each subsequent reading provided me with further clues that I found there.

The chapter ‘Life scenarios’ inspired me to make the biggest change.

It was some time ago, autumn, Paris, night. I am reading a book and I am informed that if I change something now it will affect my future. I get up, take a piece of paper and write a letter to my dad. I know that he will read it in about two weeks, and that this letter will bring changes I will find out in two years. I cleanse the trauma, understatement and lack of communication from the past, change my program, not realizing it yet, but according to what I read, I feel that it is worth trying. To this day I am coming back to that opinion of Dorota Ziemba-Miłek, “what has been purified has no effect on us. In other words, there is no frequency of purified trauma or program in our vibration, and hence in the following “here and now we do not confront the experiences having those vibrations.” At that time in my life, this sentence changed so much for me that I overcame some stagnation and decided to use my power. The power to create your own reality with its highest good. Thank you Dorota Ziembie-Miłek for this book.

I recommend the book with all my heart, it is a great position on the publishing market, available to those who are interested in the world viewed from different perspectives and interested in methods leading to broadly understood personality development.

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