Dorota Ziemba-Milek

After many years of reading, studying, participating in various workshops and ceremonies I created   

MIKO – Therapies & Development”

the company under which we conduct and organize the therapies, the workshops, the lectures and we distribute author’s books.

“MIKO – Therapies & Development”  was created in April 2012

Each ailment, illness or mental problem has its original cause.  Finding its root cause, dissolving the problem and, if acting consistently, its removal. Sometimes it is possible to solve the problem ‚ instantly! Then it looks like a miracle!

There are many methods to investigate origin causes, but… only few know that 90% of them are in our subconscious.

It’s hard to get there by yourself therefore it is advisable to benefit from the help of professionals.

We do not impose our beliefs on anyone, we would never recommend that you stop visiting your usual doctor or quit any drug rehabilitation programmes.

We believe that a careful mixture of methods will give you the fastest and most effective results.

We use (according to the needs and in agreement with the customer) Bio-Psycho-Genealogy, biogenealogy, Recall Healing/Total Biology, Biological Cell Cycles, QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique), hypnotherapy, hypnotic regression, elements from Hellinger family constellation and various techniques of spiritual healing, led meditation, visualization etc.

We share our knowledge, skills and techniques with the client who chooses for themselves what most appeals to them and, guided by to our experience, what would give their case the fastest results. 

There is a possibility to have a meeting by Skype, Zoom, phone etc.

If you would like to book a meeting, please contact us: 


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